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HCG Triumph Vs HCG Complex

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In this post, we are going to see how HCG triumph compares with HCG complex. We will look into various factors like purity, effectiveness, cost etc.

First, let’s look at the purity.

HCG complex is not a pure HCG drop as many think. It is a homeopathic solution and therefore is not a pharmaceutical grade HCG drops. HCG triumph, on the other hand, is a pure HCG drop and therefore is a pharmaceutical grade HCG.

Effectiveness: Since HCG complex is not pure the effectiveness falls under the lower scale. HCG triumph’s effectiveness, on the other hand, is excellent.

How much weight is lost: We have found that when using HCG complex you lose at the most five pounds of weight per month. But with HCG Triumph you lose anywhere between twenty pounds to twenty-five pounds of weight per month.

Cost of the product: There is not much difference when it comes to the product’s cost. The HCG complex comes at a reasonable price of sixty-nine dollars whereas the HCG triumph comes at seventy-nine dollars.

Offers: Both the product has buy one get one free offer running throughout the year. However, HCG complex’s offer seems to be working best for most people¬†Their offer is eye-catching and gets the better attention that HCG triumph.

Which has better order rate: The HCG triumph has better order rate. Moreover, it has better authority over HCG complex and people get to trust HCG triumph more due to their domain name being

Ingredients: HCG Complex boasts of several ingredients within their HCG drop. Most of these ingredients are appetite suppressants. Therefore, when you start taking HCG complex you won’t feel any hunger pangs and you can complete the HCG diet process easily. There are also some energy boosters so that you don’t go out of energy while on the HCG diet.

The same cannot be said of HCG Triumph. There are very few ingredients listed with HCG Triumph. And hence you are bound to get hunger pangs and feel exhausted while on the HCG diet using this HCG drop. You will need to take other supplements like Vitamin B12 for energy and some appetite suppressants.

FDA Regulated: HCG diet is not regulated under FDA and is considered illegal to be sold as weight loss supplements. Hence, under the law both these brands are not a weight loss supplement. However, recently HCG Complex came under fire from the FDA and has changed its name from HCG Complex to Complex Diet drops. However, HCG triumph remains unchanged. This gives us more clarity as to HCG Triumph is better is the eyes of the law compared to HCG Complex.

Which one to choose? There is no right or wrong. Choosing a product depends on your personal needs. I would say go with HCG Triumph if you want to lose weight with the HCG diet program. However, if you are allergic to the HCG hormone then I recommend going with HCG Complex as it will be your best bet for weight loss.

Are there any other recommended brands? There are loads of HCG Drops brands out there and it is not possible for us to write about each one of them here. However, we know of a place which does it. You can find various reviews of other HCG brands here. This is place has the most honest and unbiased review you can find online. However, please make sure to read the reviews in details before making your purchase. And also remember that we are not responsible for any outcome that arises from you choosing any HCG brands. You are on your own. BTW you can also try for more info on choosing the right kind of HCG drops.